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PWP Systems proudly welcomes Kanopi. Kanopi is our RMM (Remote Maintenance and Management) platform that utilizes the power of automation. We say “Kanopi does the same job as your onsite IT Support team. The only difference is that Kanopi is quicker, more efficient and will also save you a ton of money and unneeded stress.”

Kanopi is a very powerful and intricate piece of software that only recently, has become available to IT Service Providers. Kanopi is a game changer on the IT playing field; allowing us to do more with less while improving the quality of service. Formerly Labtech, Kanopi has many features and benefits:

Features Benefits Downloads
Complete Monitoring
IT Management
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Security & Anti Virus
Helpdesk & Ticketing
Updates & Patches

With Kanopi’s many features, it can be confusing to understand the benefits. For your leisure, he is a list of benefits you can expect after joining Kanopi.

Experience, Qualified Certified Rapid Project  Implementation Focus on Your  Core Business Boost Employee Productivity Control IT Costs Reduced IT Labor Costs Increased IT Efficiency Reactive to Proactive Boost Employee Morale Improve Organization Level your Playing Field Reduced Stress Reduced Risk 24/7 Monitoring Reduced Downtime

Before you get started with Kanopi; please download the latest Microsoft .Net Framework from the link provided below: (Microsoft users only)

Download Microsoft .Net Framework

After Microsoft .Net Framework has been installed, please contact a member of PWP Systems to confirm your subscriptions. You can contact us through our contact page by following this link:

Contact PWP Systems Regarding Kanopi

You can get Kanopi on your endpoints for just $20/month; that’s cheaper than what you spend on coffee!

Servers start at just $35/month, depending on what configurations you have. To give you an accurate estimate on how much Kanopi will cost you, we would love to know more about your company; Please use the link below to contact us and give us a bit of information on your company.

Contact PWP Systems Regarding Kanopi Pricing

For members already enrolled in Kanopi RMM, please click the link above to access your member dashboard. There you will be able to create Tickets, access reports and view a timeline of activites.