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PWP Systems has, over time, built IT experience in a multitude of industries, giving key insight on how IT can be beneficial based on different environments. This allows us to provide concentrated support specifically for your direct industry . Our Team strives to maintain leadership by encouraging up to date certifications as well as promoting industry best practices.

With this in mind, PWP Systems will work with you to create detailed game plans designed to support business growth as well as streamlining your IT Processes.

Kanopi’s ongoing monitoring notifies our team immediately if there are any issues. In case of natural emergencies our enterprise level Backup and Recovery solutions get businesses back up and running in as little as 5 minutes.


Improved Security

Verifying that all systems have the latest security patches and the network is closed from intrusions can be a timely undertaking. Kanopi provides all the tools and resources to ensure that security is never compromised. Continual monitoring for security breaches and loopholes, and real-time alerting on these issues, allows our NAS to stay ahead of security risks before intrusions happen.

Complete Cyber Defence User Services & Support Workstations, Laptops, Servers & Appliances Infrastructure & Network Managed Mobile Devices Cyber + Network Security Backup & Disaster Recovery Email Setup & Support Virtual CIO/CTO